Sandra L. Writes:
Dear Judy,Wayne and Daryll:
Thank you so much for the wonderful care and service I received
when buying new hearing aids.
Everyone was very personable and professional. My hearing aids
are perfect. I never realized what I was missing until I could hear so
well again.
Thank You,
Sandra L.

 D. L. Writes :
I would like to thank the staff of Hearing Aids of Jax for their
knowledgeable and professional service in the purchase of my new
hearing instruments.
I am only 54 but I work  in a noisy environment and have shot a lot
of guns with no ear protection. My hearing had gotten to the point i
was having to try and read lips when people talked...
Now with my new hearing aids i can hear what people are saying
and i'm enjoying everyday to the fullest.
Thanks again, and all my friends and family thanks you

John Paul writes:

Wow what a difference.....I was at a trade show in Jacksonville, FL.,
while there I stopped by Hearing Aids of Jax booth. They were very
professional and they gave me a free hearing test. I was surprised
how much hearing i had lost and didn't even know it. They fitted me
with a pair of hearing aids and it was great. I could hear. Now i can
hear and enjoy my life and i can even hear my wife and all my  
John Paul